All you know about Balenciaga Triple-S Sneaker

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What makes Balenciaga Triple-S so costly?

Numerous questions may run through your mind before settling on a given brand that you have not tried before.

In this article, you are going to find most if not all answers to the questions popping up concerning the Balenciaga TripleS shoes.


Origin of Balenciaga Triple-S Sneakers

Designed by DemnaGvasalia and business partner David Tourniaire- Beauciel, Triple-S sneaker is a combination of three-sport shoes, as the name suggests (triple).

They are, namely, running shoes, basketball shoes, and track shoes.

The combination brought up an awesome sneaker, which serves the three purposes in one.


On top of that, the sneaker is very comfortable, stylish, and outstanding.

Triple-S sneaker platform measures 6.5cm tall. This is the most identified feature worldwide. And in Vietnam, similarly, Giày Balenciaga TripleS Links to an external a trendy replica shoe for men and women who desire fashion.

Is Balenciaga Triple-S Worth Every Coin?

NOTE:Balenciaga is the most searched sneaker brand right now!

If your answer is yes, then this is where you and I find ourselves reading from the same page.

You won’t think twice spending your cash on an item that looks cute on you. To top it up, a big brand.

Balenciaga Triple-S sneakers are the latest trending sneakers.

Did you know that Balenciaga Triple-S sneakers tread on top of big brand names like; Puma, Adidas, and Nike?

You can imagine a brand that beats the above named veteran brands! Awesome right?

It gives that feeling of being at the top of the world being part of the Balenciaga community.


NOTE: 2019 data, according to SEMrush Balenciaga, was searched 170,250 times and followed by Nike, PUMA, and then Adidas.

Additionally, Balenciaga Triple-S sneakers topped the latest New York Fashion Week.



Wow! This is the bitter truth.

Sneaker lovers cannot stand missing out on significant brand collections.

But, the problem sets in when it comes to the price tag on the big brand names.

And, that is where the replica models set in. To accommodate as many individuals as possible to the latest trending fashion without having to spend a fortune.

Actually, all the big brands have their replicas in the market, and they are okay with it. And, in most cases, it’s the same brand producing the replica model.

What they do is, lower the quality a little bit and then slash the price. To ensure it fits all the potential customers.

If you are in the search process of the Balenciaga Triple-S sneaker replicas, you are at the right place.

Shopgiayreplica located at 161 Chua Lang, Hanoi is an approved stall which deals with giày balenciagaLinks to an external site. replica sneakers in Vietnam.

Why does Balenciaga Triple-S have a Steep Price?


“Price is quality” let me explain what I mean.

When you see an item with a high price tag, take your time looking at the features of the item before concluding that the high price isn’t making sense.

The same applies to the Balenciaga Triple-S sneakers.



  • Main components include: Polyester 55%, Skin (calf 15%, Lamb 15%), and Lycra 5%.
  • If you have coughed out a good amount of cash, all you expect is a durable item. On this brand, you are all covered.
  • Layered sole. The outer sole contains all the perfect features that ensure the sneaker doesn’t get worn out after a few times of usage. Which are: three layers, thick, rubber finish.
  • The rubber finish helps in making the cleaning process more bearable (easy and fast).
  • Fabric interior. Inside part, the triple-S sneaker is more than comfortable. It is fabric lined.

Which offers the best feeling you can ever get (ask for) from your dream sneaker.

  • Suede touch. Enables the sneaker to be more relaxed, presentable, and classy.

It is included on the top part of the sneaker after the three-layer sole. Preventing all sorts of dirt from sticking on the suede section.

  • Lace loops. The sneaker contains two lace loops. But, the interesting part is, only one lace loop is functional. The other loop is placed for aesthetic reasons.
  • Fabrication. The rubber sole provides the best fabrication.

Plus, the athletic sneaker components provide the Triple-S with the twelve eyelets which offer the perfect fabrication.

  • Logo. Logos are vital features that help in identifying a brand.

The triple-S sneaker has a Balenciaga logo at the back, left, and the right side.

  • Maintenance. Balenciaga Triple-S manufactures provide a maintenance manual. It helps in ensuring the most extended durability for the sneakers.

Besides, Triple-S sneakers came with a maintenance tools kit.



Balenciaga’s Latest Triple-S Accorded the Logo Treatment

The Balenciaga brand keeps getting big and better each given day.

Yes, the latest Triple-S is branded Balenciaga all-over.

If you haven’t seen the sneaker yet, you might be wondering how it looks like.

Wow! On my side, I think the logo treatment makes the sneaker more outstanding, plus more customized which is a perfect move for the brand to be outstanding among its competitors.

Most probably, it will help in generating more sales since the fashionistas like something unique and outstanding.


The Latest Balenciaga Triple-S



The latest Balenciaga Triple-S sneakers have the same features as the ones you went through earlier.Except, all-over the sneaker, its logo printed with a black logo.

The reason is to help the brand stand-out and be noticed by stealing the show.


Other Popular Triple-S Sneakers Include

  • Triple-S Clear Sole Sneaker

The difference from the features stated above is, it has a clear sole feature, as the name suggests.

Plus, it contains a shock absorber effect.

  • Triple-S High-Top Sneakers

Its unique features include;

The rubber sole is chunky, bringing the name High-Top.

Also, the toe section is round.

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